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Nicola Brescianini - Captain Dorothy Goddard

When all of the security officers in @lantis are reassigned due to budget cuts, Captain Dorothy Goddard finds herself tasked with looking after the residents of the mysterious Ponderlust Laboratories. Her job is to keep the staff of this experimental think tank safe, but looking after scientists, technicians, and a bratty Artificial Intelligence will prove to be no walk in the solarium. Particularly when their experiments get out of control!

Tegan Mulvany - Dr Mary Pote

Dr Mary Pote is Ponderlust Laboratory's resident biologist, and a much needed foil for the acerbic Jules. Brains are her favourite, but she's not the fondest of living bodies and their various functions (sweat - ugh!). Despite being colleagues and best friends with Jules for many years, they argue almost daily about their respective disciplines. Cunning and clever, Mary can be either a brilliant ally or a terrifying foe.

Xarna Rappold - IRIS

​Imagine a computer program with the attitude of a fourteen year old girl and the brain of a super computer and you've pretty much got IRIS. She's a temperamental Artificial Intelligence who is capable of just about anything - if she chooses to put her processing power to use. Created by Jules as an aid to his research, IRIS is an integral part of the Ponderlust team despite being one of only two non-human staff members.

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Murray Jackson - Professor Jules Quine

Professor Jules Quine is arguably the best damn physicist in @lantis. But then, he would say that wouldn't he? A brilliant scientist, his gruff demeanour can be off-putting - even to those who know him best. He somewhat makes up for his general paranoia and arrogance by being fiercely protective of the Ponderlust team and the work they do. Just make sure you don't catch him before he's had his morning coffee.

Max Rankin - Senior Technician Harry Kinvig

The Chief Engineer of Ponderlust Labs, Harry may seem like a duffer but he can also be remarkably insightful. His favourite place in @lantis is the Boiler Rooms, but when he's not there he can usually be found mediating between Mary and Jules, or tinkering away with Lug. Genuine and cheerful, Harry hates deceiving people and as a result he is terrible at lying.

Nic Doig - Deputy Technician Lug

If Frankenstein's monster hadn't been rejected by his creator and gone rogue...they might have turned out a little something like Lug. A genderless being made out of near indestructible quantum clay, Lug's stature and bright orange skin can seem confronting. In reality Lug is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. And although they may not always get the joke, Lug is always willing to learn.

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