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Under the ocean, far beneath a future world of utopic super-cities and dwindling resources, is a domed mega-structure named @LANTIS. Built as a safe haven from the chaos of the world above, learned minds are housed together, advancing scientific knowledge and creating new ideas and contraptions to make the world a better place, whilst generating a decent profit margin.

This is @LANTIS!

The latest project from Perth based comic and award-winning writer of sci-fi theatre Stephen B. Platt, @lantis was created as part of his PhD research examining Science Fiction in Live Performance. Featuring a cast of local actors and creatives, the premiere of this original sci-fi comedy series was performed as a live radio play over seven weeks in late 2018 at the Nexus Theatre in Perth, Western Australia.

Original @lantis Cast

Missed out on the original run of the series? No sweat! All of the episodes are available to listen to for FREE right here on the website! While you're here, why not check out the individual episode pages, or visit our cast and crew pages to find out about the incredible people who helped bring the series to life?


Episode 1 - Fish Out Of Water

What happens when you cross a Siamese Fighting Fish and an Engineer? @lantan Security Officer Dorothy Goddard is about to find out!

​Due to budget cuts, Officer Goddard us reassigned to the mysterious Ponderlust Laboratories. With only a week to prove herself in her new role, she’s thrown into the deep end on her very first day! When a monstrous creature breaks out of the lab, it’ll take all her wits and imagination to keep it contained – and not get fired in the process!

Will Dorothy sink or swim?

Episode 2 - Data Protection

What if 2001: A Space Odyssey were also a touching coming of age story between an A.I. and her cantankerous father/creator?


Newly-appointed Captain Dorothy Goddard’s adventures as resident security officer for Ponderlust Laboratories continue! This week she meets the final member of the Ponderlust team: IRIS. A sassy Artificial Intelligence created by Professor Quine to help them in the lab, IRIS has the personality of a bratty teenager and a temper to match. Despite being a super-computer able to complete thousands of tasks at once, IRIS's processing skills inevitably suffer when she becomes distracted by a boy!

Episode 3 - Time Share

Not everyone who checks in gets to check out...

All members of the @lantis scientific community are entitled to Sundays off, and Captain Dorothy Goddard just wants to use her free time to have lunch with her new boyfriend Alan. But when Harry and Jules drag her into shenanigans of the highest calibre, a hunt for a criminal ensures that Dorothy’s date will be anything but simple...

Episode 4 - A Dark World

The first installment in a mysterious two-part episode that sees the Ponderlust team heading to the surface for the first time...

When two botanists fail to return to @lantis after an expedition to the surface, Chief of Security Laura Costain sends the Ponderlust team after them. Little do they know that while they’re hunting for the missing botanists, they’re being hunted themselves by mysterious beings with sinister intentions...

Episode 5 - The Year of the Long Tail

Following directly after the events of ‘Episode 4 - A Dark World’ comes 'Episode 5 - The Year of the Long Tail'.

Dr. Mary meets Princess Matilda – a very sick young girl – and is forced to diagnose and treat her by the leader of the Rattus Sapiens. Meanwhile, Jules must come to terms with the death of a friend and encounters his intellectual match. Can Dorothy, Lug and their newly thawed friend James free themselves from imprisonment by an army of human-sized mammals and rescue their colleagues? Will their scientific knowledge help them with their rat problem, or will they become lab rats themselves?

Episode 6 - Good Night, and Good Lug

The Presidency for the @lantis biological society has recently become vacant, and as Vice President, Mary decides she is ready to take the step up - much to the chagrin of Jules whose precious ego can’t handle the idea of anyone in the Ponderlust team enjoying a higher status than himself. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Harry investigate a mysterious object that’s heading towards @lantis and encounter some trashy villains who are up to no good.

Episode 7 - It's A Wonderful Mind

It’s coming on Christmas and Lug is putting up decorations early in celebration. But Christmas is not only a time of love, peace, and joy – sometimes it is a time of loss.


The Ponderlust team receives some sad news that dampens the festive atmosphere, with Mary being particularly affected by the bad tidings. When she decides to go to extreme lengths to try and cure her sorrow, it’s up to the rest of the Ponderlust team to use her past, present, and future to try and save Mary from herself.

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