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Stephen B. Platt - Writer/Director

Stephen B. Platt is the Creative Director of Thought Jar Productions and the head of the @lantis Project. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Science Fiction and Live Performance at Murdoch University. When not immersed in his studies, Stephen is the host of ‘The Cinema Catch-Up Club’ podcast and a member of the Perth Improvised comedy group ‘The Big Hoo! Haa!’

Sarah Courtis - Stage Manager

Sarah Courtis has been a Stage Manager for 9 years, working in a variety of venues including the State Theatre Centre, Subiaco Arts Centre, assorted outdoor venues and many unlikely places while on tour in Chile. She has worked on straight plays, musicals, dance concerts, moved readings and street theatre and is looking forward to the next challenge.

Anne-Marie Winter - Assistant Stage Manager

Anne-Marie "Mia" Winter, originally from Tønsberg, Norway, is a student at Murdoch University. She is the Assistant Stage Manager for @lantis, which means she is working closely with the Stage Manager Sarah Courtis in preparing everything that the show needs to run.

Ally Snell - Concept Artist (Episode 1, 2, 6)

Allison is an Artist and Designer based in Fremantle, winner of Australia’s Art Idol and acclaimed for environmental design with Fremantle Council and Curtin University. Allison has designed for Theatre and film and co-runs a creative consultancy ‘From The Hip Productions’. Allison is currently writing and illustrating a children's book.

Allison Bell - Concept Artist (Episode 3, 7)

Allison Bell is a current phd student at Murdoch University studying the effect colour has on audience response in theatre scenic design. She has been designing for the stage since 2010 and has worked on shows ranging from Children's Theatre, to Shakespeare and everything in between.

Loz De Cruz - Concept Artist (Episode 4, 5)

Loz works as a Network Support Office very far away from the mainland, and enjoys doodling and animating in her spare time! Her friend Stephen said "your pointy style would work for these particular characters! Would you like to contribute to my radio play?", and the rest is history.

​Róisín Keiley - Costume

Róisín has been involved in a number of productions while being a student at Murdoch university. Róisín has a passion or directing and dramaturgy. She is excited to bring the quirky sci-fi elements into the costume design for @lantis.

Bradley Clarke - Sound Engineer

Bradley is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Radio at Murdoch University. He has experience with sound and music design from both personal and university projects, but this is his first time working as a Sound Engineer for a major production.

Evie MacPherson - Live Sound Level Assistant

Evie MacPherson is a Murdoch University student who is an actor and member of the theatre group Bone Moe. Evie is in charge of moderating the audio levels for the live performances for @lantis, as well as helping out wherever she can back stage.

Andrew David - Foley

Andrew has been a contributor to local theatre for many years, filling roles on all sides of the stage. He was production manager on a staged version of War of the Worlds in 2015, and in 2017 his live Foley work on the award-winning Blue Room show Laika was nominated for ‘Best Design.’

Cassie Power - Foley Assistant

Cassandra Power first took the stage at the age of six and has been performing ever since. Cassie’s most loved role was ‘The Wicked Witch of the East’ (Nessa-Rose) in Wicked the Musical. This is Cassie’s first time doing foley sounds. She hopes you love the show as much as she does!

Melissa Kruger - PR & Marketing

I’m Melissa and I’m excited to be involved with @lantis doing PR. I’m a second year English & Creative Writing and Theatre & Drama student at Murdoch. I love being involved any form of performance, whether it be behind the scenes, acting on stage, or singing in my band, Tumultum.

James Norton - Front of House Manager

In between reading and writing tedious reports and essays for his Bachelor of Psychology, James finds himself constantly getting involved with theatre. Having performed on stage, both scripted and improvised and even dabbled in set-design and construction, he is now trying his hand at managing the Front of House for @lantis. If you’ve ever wondered who keeps sending those annoying e-mails asking for your preferred Season Pass show date, look no further. If not, ignore that last sentence.

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Ellin Sears - Production Manager, Online Content, Title Credits

Ellin is the online content creator and official font sourcer for Thought Jar Productions, as well as a writer, director, choreographer, and performer. She is thrilled to have the chance to help curate the online content for @lantis, and as a human being and proud Hufflepuff she is looking forward to keeping morale high and the production running smoothly.

John King - Production Supervisor, Technical Manager, Set Design/Construction

Currently the senior technician for Theatre and Drama at Murdoch University, John has been working on Murdoch productions since 2008. Mostly working behind the scenes his main role is to provide technical support and production supervisor for all drama and performance units. As senior technician John also assists the Murdoch student theatre companies with their productions throughout the year, mostly in an advisory capacity but sometimes taking on a design role. Whilst always involved in lighting and sound development John's main area of work and interest has been in set design and construction. John has been designing sets for Children's Theatre and Shakespearean productions at Murdoch university since 2012 whilst also acting as Production Supervisor. On @tlantis John has been Production Supervisor, Technical Manager and has also performed.

Tim Brain - Venue Manager & Production Consultant

Tim Brain has been the Theatre manager and Head Theatre Technician at Murdoch University since 2008, as such he is responsible for the Nexus Theatre, the Drama Workshop and the Studio Theatre. Tim graduated Murdoch in 1988 and travelled extensively beore returning to WA and working for many years in Perth theatre. Prior to starting at Murdoch, Tim ran his own production company (a company that still runs today), working for clients as diverse as Sony, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Music and Electronic Arts.

Harrison Mitchell - Sound/Audio Visual Ops (Episode 1, 7) & Set Assistant

Harrison began his theatre journey at the age of 10 in community theatre. He pursued acting at school, starring as the title role in Bugsy: The Musical at Austin Cove Baptist College. Harrison has starred in several productions at Murdoch University, including The Heartless along with Hand in Hand’s Heathers: The Musical and A Mind Transcendent. He has always has a passion for the arts, and is looking forward to tackling some technical work with @lantis. Harrison is currently completing his double major in Theatre and Drama and Screen Production at Murdoch.

Ella Ewart - Sound/Audio Visual Ops (Episodes 2, 3, 4) & Set Assistant

Ella Ewart is a Murdoch University student who has been involved in the local theatre community for the last two years. Ella has performed in plays including An Evening with Checkov, The Adventures of the Snottygobbles and The Notorious. In @lantis, Ella appears on stage as Annika in Episode One and works ofstage in compiling and operating the AV elements.

Sabrina Wyatt - Sound/Audio Visual Ops (Episodes 5, 6)

Sabrina is a first year studying theatre & drama and screen production. She has been in love with drama since moving to WA 7 years ago and is very excited to be working on the AV for @lantis. She is currently also stage managing The Notorious, and preparing for the role of Buffy in Buffy: Once More With Feeling (The Actors Workshop).

Zenna Newman-Santos - Lighting Design/Operator

Zenna is a first year Theatre and Drama student here at Murdoch University. Every episode has helped her learn something new and exciting about lighting and the process of designing, programming and operating a live show. For a first time lighting designer, this project has been a steep learning curve, but she's always willing to take on a new challenge!

Robert Woods - Theme Tune Composer

Robert Woods is a filmmaker from Perth. He fell into theatre being asked to compose scores for UDS productions “Smerfs,” “Captin Planet” and “Tertles.” In 2010 he wrote and directed the musical “Delicious House” for MESH Youth Theatre company. In 2013 he composed music for Holland St. Productions “Falling To The Top” followed by “Point and Shoot” in 2014 and “Dr. Felicity Rickshaw’s Celebrity Sex Party” in 2016 and “What Doesn’t Kill You Blah Blah Stronger” 2018 as well as Rorschach Beast’s plays “Girl In The Woods” 2016 and “Bus Boy” 2017. At The Blue Room Theatre he composed score for plays “So You Think You’re Charlie Smith,” “Laika,” and “Hivemind.” Besides composing for various short films, web series, tv commercials and a segment of the feature film “The Turning” in 2013, he enjoys playing music for local improv comedy troupe The Big Hoo Haa, where he has been performing regularly since 2010. Despite all this he still maintains he’s primarily a filmmaker.

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