All members of the @lantis scientific community are entitled to Sundays off, and Captain Dorothy Goddard just wants to use her free time to have lunch with her new boyfriend Alan. But when Harry and Jules drag her into shenanigans of the highest calibre, a hunt for a criminal ensures that Dorothy’s date will be anything but simple...


Nicola Brescianini, Murray Jackson, Tegan Mulvany, Max Rankin, Nic Doig & Xarna Rappold. Featuring Patrick Downes, Rhys Hyatt, James Jury, Chris Buckle, Jason Dohle, Stuart Hayward, and Vee McGuire.


Written and Directed by Stephen B. Platt, Set Design by John King, Set Assistants Harrison Mitchell, James Jury & Ella Ewart, SM Sarah Courtis, ASM Anne-Marie "Mia" Winter, Lighting Zenna Newman-Santos, Sound & AV Ella Ewart, Foley Andrew David & Cassie Power, Sound Recording Bradley Clarke, Costumes Róisín Keiley, Concept Artist Allison Bell, also featuring concept art by Ally Snell, Original Theme Tune by Robert Woods.


Thought Jar Productions is based in Perth, Australia. Atlantis is a science fiction radio play and the latest project from the team.

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